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Nea was recently seen at Don't Tell Mama Cabaret
celebrating the Hispanic Heritage Month.

You can watch her performances in the following links:
Soy Tico by Carlos Guzmán
Corre by Jesse y Joy

Argentine Montage is one of the most exciting songs from the Cast Recording Album of Will Wilson Saves the World. In the search for justice Valentina makes an important decision.

To listen to the full Cast Album visit the YouTube Channel:
Will Wilson Saves the World: A New Musical 

Nea recently worked on the short film Till Eye Die written and directed by film director Pimprenelle Rouyer 

Nea was recently seen in the Stage Reading of the new jukebox musical On The Flip Side by Gary Apple.
It was performed on the Urban Stages Theatre for two nights with a full house.  

For more information:

Nea was part of the first Staged Reading of the new musical Will Wilson Saves The World at Next-Gen Studios where she gave life to the role of Valentina. 

Nea is currently working on the second stage of the production, the Cast Recording Album. 

For more information visit 


"I had such a fun time performing at Don't Tell Mama with their Comeback Cabaret! " -Nea

Check it out!

Nea was seen along side Flanders House in a fun Flashmob in the middle of the iconic Times Square, New York. 
Check out their website and make sure to follow them on social media.

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"Let's keep dreaming, moving, vibin' and sharing our passion." -Nea

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Nea recently worked as Lilith on the new short film by director Moss Johnston.

Invited into the next stage of the new musical Will Wilson Saves The World, Nea takes on the challenge of reprising her role of Valentina and also assuming the role of Edith


The musical had its first staged performance at the Emerging Artists Theatre in New York City, as part of the Spark Theatre Festival.

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